Do you have a confidant? someone you trust and can be real with? someone that you can freely share your fears, thoughts, ideas, challenges and triumphs with?

For many men, that person is their wife or girlfriend, which is fine, but most women want to know that they’re not the only person that their man can turn to. And besides, who do you turn to when the challenges arise with her? So maybe you also have a close male friend you can speak freely with, which is also great. But the problem is, they’re not always available, and when you do speak to them, you’re only getting one person’s perspective.

One of the greatest benefits of a Men’s Group is having multiple people that you can reach out to, share with, and get feedback from. And not just whilst in Men’s Group, but at any time, there’s immense solace knowing that you can put the call out to the men in your group and know that someone will be there to listen, to guide you, or to give you the kick up the ass that you know you needed.

Another great benefit during a Men’s Group is receiving multiple perspectives on the issues you've shared. You may not agree with every bit of feedback you get, but you know that at least one man will tell you what you really need to hear, or provide an insight that makes a huge difference.

Finally, the power of a Men's Group lies in being able to listen to and learn from the diversity of other men’s experiences. Over the years our group has had single men, married men, divorced men, men with children, men without children, gay men, older men, younger men, men who work in a variety of fields, religious men, and men who were brought up in vastly different cultures.

Participating in a Men’s Group helps men to not only deepen their awareness of themselves, but also strengthens their understanding of other men, empowering men to interact more effectively with ALL men – in their family, with their friends, and with work colleagues.