Is it for you?

Men who want to be part of a Men’s Group are men who are committed to their own growth and development, and committed to the growth and development of other men.

Men’s Group is about being honest with others and ourselves and forcing us to deal with our struggles as well as sharing our triumphs. It’s about calling each other on our bullshit, holding each other accountable and supporting each other to gain clarity in all aspects of life.
Ultimately, it’s about challenging each other to confront and embrace the realities, the responsibilities, and the opportunities of being a man.

Participants do not need to have attended any specific course, nor done any self-development work, though both will significantly enhance the depth of the group.

Each man in the group will at times have life experiences that will be challenging, and this should not exclude their participation. Whilst Men’s Group is a supportive and therapeutic structure, it is not a ‘support group’ or ‘therapy session’ as such. If men simply want to be listened to and not be challenged, they might need to find other structures for this to occur.

Men should seek professional advice and support external to the group, should they require it. Men’s Group should not exist as a substitute for professional support. Many of the men in our group have seen or continue to see a therapist, psychologist, or coach, to complement their participation in  Men’s Group.