What others say

“Attending a men’s group has forced me to confront many of my fears head-on. The safe and supportive, yet sometimes challenging, environment of a men’s group has allowed me to fast-pace my self-development. I would recommend being part of a men’s group to anyone interested in becoming the man they want to be, and maybe even the man they didn’t realise they wanted to be.” – JG

“Men’s group fosters a space to cultivate the masculine energy within myself. For me, men’s group is a space for utilizing my listening skills, putting candid feedback and communication to the test and holding myself and others personally responsible.” – EN I am a father of three from 17 to 5, a husband and working guy, when I joined the men’s group I realized that I have been operating as a male not a man. Every two weeks being in the organised company of the men’s group gives me the treasured space to get feedback from men in a way that makes insights and wisdom available that I would get in no other way.” – GL

“The Mens group is a unique way for men to become their true self. There is a real sense of aliveness and clarity that comes from being with other men  each week . When you sit together and share, things open up, awareness flows,  you help other men, and true power that is   “love and integrity”  are  available . Often confronting,  but always helpful , even playful , I recommend all men take time to experience this process and see the benefits that are possible in your relationships with others and  with  yourself.  Ho !” – DY

“Being part of mens group gives me the opportunity to share my day to day world with men on a level that normal day to day conversations don’t get to explore. Many times I’ve entered mens group feeling heavy and tied down from my day at work yet left feeling fully awake and light on my feet. The experience of sharing the stories in my head – whether something bad or something exhilarating – and truly being ‘heard’ rather than having ‘chat’ is what makes the difference. I have enjoyed mens group for over 5 years now and feel it gives me a foundation to live my life fully. My integrity is clean, and I feel closer to my wife and children as a consequence. The men are my support, as scaffolding is to a building be constructed. I will be fine without men’s group but over time the men help me grow, and that’s what I want as I journey through my life.” – DH

“I love Men’s Group!  It provides a unique and powerful space for my husband to clear his head and speak with honesty within a group of intelligent and conscious men. He gets to clear his head, rid himself of any doubts or grievances, whilst being held accountable for his thoughts and actions. Men’s Group provides a deep level of masculine communication that as his wife, I could never give him. But what I am most thankful for, and often surprised at, is the softness and sense of peace my husband returns with after a night with the men. It’s like therapy for his soul AND mine!” – KH (Partner)

“I feel wholeheartedly that my husband’s involvement, commitment and passion for men’s group has enabled him to be a more giving, tolerant and loving partner.  His willingness to challenge himself on so many levels is inspiring. Not satisfied with the status quo, he is constantly striving to be a stronger more capable man in and outside of our relationship and I’m certain he cultivated this appetite for growth from men’s group. As his partner, I know very little about what actually goes on during men’s group. What I do know, however, is that each man is encouraged and supported to look at himself in the mirror and ask hard questions of each other. The result: a man who has an enhanced awareness of his strengths, honesty about his weaknesses and a willingness to improve himself to the best of his abilities. Men’s group provides my man with the armoury he requires to be the best person he can be for himself and his family.” – VC (Partner)