About us

The information and structures outlined on this website are not all essential to a successfully functioning men’s group. There are many effective men’s groups around the world with different structures to ours.

This is what has worked for us, and we want to share it freely with other men so that they can experience the same benefits we have experienced from being part of a men’s group.

Our Men’s Group was created in 2005 by a group of men who knew each other socially. Several of us had done a bunch of personal development courses together. We wanted to see each other more regularly, but on a deeper level than just socially, and we wanted to continue and to deepen the conversations of those courses.

Whilst most of us continue to attend workshops and seek professional advice when required, Men’s Group has been (and continues to be) one of the most fundamentals structures for, and key accesses to, our growth and development over the years.

Over that time, many men have expressed an interest in what we do at Men’s Group. We hope this website will encourage more men to start their own Men’s Group and reap the benefits that we have.

Acknowledgement: in 2004 three of us attended an extraordinary course called Trusting the Masculine, run by a man called Trevor Gray. Our men’s group was created from the insights and the inspirations of that workshop. We honour this champion of men and his commitment to the growth of all men.