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Often confronting,  but always helpful, even playful, I recommend all men take time to experience this process and see the benefits that are possible in your relationships with others and with yourself.  Ho! – DY

I am a father of three from 17 to 5, a husband and working guy, when I joined the men’s group I realized that I have been operating as a male not a man. Every two weeks being in the organised company of the men’s group gives me the treasured space to get feedback from men in a way that makes insights and wisdom available that I would get in no other way. – GL

Attending a men’s group has forced me to confront many of my fears head-on. The safe and supportive, yet sometimes challenging, environment of a men’s group has allowed me to fast-pace my self-development. I would recommend being part of a men’s group to anyone interested in becoming the man they want to be, and maybe even the man they didn’t realise they wanted to be. – JG

Men’s group fosters a space to cultivate the masculine energy within myself. For me, men’s group is a space for utilizing my listening skills, putting candid feedback and communication to the test and holding myself and others personally responsible. – EN